Kathleen Yap is a nature and wildlife photographer currently based in Singapore. She recently pursued a degree in Environmental Science with a specialization in Conservation Biology at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), where she graduated with highest honors in 2016.
Her field research and work gave her opportunities for photography. Paired with the knowledge and insight on the environment, her photography aims to paint a picture of the ‘modern wilderness’ and highlight stories of how our natural environment intertwines deeply with our own. Her passion for the community and travel led her to pioneer the Alternative Breaks program in UCLA, a programme that promotes civic engagement and learning with various communities.
Kathleen was a finalist in the 2015 National Geographic Photographic Competition and the 2017 Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year. Her works have been featured in The Daily Bruin, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and Yahoo. She also gives talks and courses on outdoor photography and post-processing techniques. Most of the proceeds go towards NGOs that promote environmental restoration or humanitarian aid.
Feel free to contact Kathleen regarding inquiries on prints, workshops, charity sales, or collaboration. Drop me contact me a note using the form below or via Facebook and Instagram (@kyap_photography). I would love to connect with you!